Christmas Biscuits

I’ve been making Christmas biscuits! Thankfully, the icing set in time to photograph them.


There’s four of each biscuit, and we’ve got presents, wreaths and Santa hats.


I also made a jar/canister for them all (mostly so they’re easy to store in the mini Christmas box).


Sarah’s favourites are the Santa hats!


Personally, I’m proud of the wreaths – I love all the teensy red and gold dots, they add a  lot of detail.



I think the ribbon on the presents could have been a bit smoother and thinner, but that’s something that will improve with time. Do you have a favourite biscuit?

Anyways, see ya!


Smooth Summer

The Three Broomsticks has brought out some new drinks to (try to) battle the heat!


It’s super hot at the moment, so Sarah requested some smoothies to cool down.


I made four flavours: mango, strawberry, apple and banana & blueberry.


They’ve all got little paper straws too – I’m very proud of these! I made them with little bits of toothpick glued onto the top of the drink. They make it easy to remove the drink from the mug, which is handy!



I can vouch for the banana and blueberry smoothie as my favourite; Sarah is yet to decide, though I think she’s leaning towards the apple one.

Anyways, see ya!


Off Duty Elf

You know the whole ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ thing the Northern Hemisphere has? Well, I wanted to try making one, but as it’s summer in Australia, I had to modify the idea a little to make an ‘ugly Christmas T-shirt’.


I didn’t do very well on the ‘ugly’ part – I think it looks quite nice! This one was inspired by a design I saw in Mollie Makes:


I wanted to add some green to Sarah’s shirt, to make a little bit more Christmassy.



All the green bits continue around to the back of the shirt. I love the little bit over the shoulders – it’s not the usual place to find embellishment on a shirt, and I really like it!

Sarah, doing an elf’s duty. 

This was lots of fun to make! I don’t think I’ll do many more, as Sarah doesn’t exactly need them for very long, but perhaps if I find a new design next year I’ll whip something up…..

Anyways, see ya!


Project Roundup

Christmas decorations went up recently! Sarah loves helping with the big tree (below), so I always make an event of it.



She also decorated her apartment for the season, and put on some festive tunes on her laptop to “add to the ambiance”.


I’ve also been working on this crown.


It’s human-sized, and needs finishing on the inside, but the outside is done!


There’s no real meaning behind any of the colours or groupings – I just went with what I thought looked good.


I mostly wanted it as a photo prop, but I did make it so I could wear it if the need ever arose. Who wouldn’t want a crown lying around?

Anyways, see ya!


Star Stuff

I’ve been trying out some new stationery ideas recently, most of which worked!


The pencil case has two sides, and I did try to add a lining, but it didn’t work very well. I also repainted the coloured pencils, as the original felt tip ink was coming off.



I also made this little exercise book; I tried out a new technique and I’m very happy with how it turned out.



I really like how slim it is, as well as the covered spine. As you can see, Sarah uses it for astronomy stuff, and I have to admit the galaxy paper I used to cover the outside definitely fits in thematically!

Anyways, see ya!