Project Roundup

I’ve made two new badges recently; the red one on the right is a quote from the book Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli based on a design I saw online.


The Captain Marvel one (on the left) is currently attached to a bag of mine, and I’m quite proud of it, because sewing the curvy seams between the different colours was difficult.

I’ve also been making a new room, and am nearly finished the walls and floor.



I wonder what it could be? It’s not a bedroom, though if it were, it would be a very cool bedroom. Whatever it is, BB-8 likes the polished floors, they’re great for sliding on!

Anyways, see ya!



Sarah’s New Friend

You’ve probably seen this first picture and guessed (very accurately) what this post is about, so I won’t go into that.


I will say that this was a lot of fun to make.


I love the bright colours and gold thread on the blanket, even though the gold thread was a pain to sew with.




She is a hanging decoration, and I plan on hanging her in the future, but for now she’s sitting next to this Christmas tree, as she’s too big to actually hang from these little branches. I think I still have the pattern pieces, maybe I could make enough to pull a sleigh…

Anyways, see ya!



As I’ve been putting up Christmas decorations, Sarah’s been slowly decorating her house for the season.


I say slowly because she doesn’t exactly have a large cardboard box’s worth of decorations… yet.


So she’s been using what she has, which is the wreath, the crackers…



… and her stocking.


She and River helped with decorating the Christmas tree, too. I might make some mini garlands for the house, as they’re pretty easy to keep up and look effective. We might also need additional fairy lights…

Anyways, see ya!


Try New Things

In a doll sewing book I have, I saw a pattern for a long-sleeved jumpsuit. I thought I’d adapt the idea slightly by sewing two of Sarah’s garments together to make one more suited for the Australian heat.



It might be just about the easiest new piece of clothing I’ve made!




It’s the perfect little summery outfit (or even spring, with those florals), and I like that it’s all one piece. Sarah likes it too, she says it’s a nice change from her usual separates while not being a skirt or a dress (she really doesn’t like skirts!). I’m wondering whether I could adjust the pattern a little, perhaps make the gather at the waist less obvious and add pockets, hmmmm……….

Anyways, see ya!


Hanging Around

These photos show the progression of a recent Mollie Makes freebie project, which was originally a necklace (the big white bit at the top was for folding over the chain).

collage of progress shots_1

And here’s the finished embroidery, which I made into a mini wall hanging, tadaaa!


I really like the little vines at the top, especially the little knots.



It hangs in Madam Malkins at the moment, in the tailoring room.


Disclaimer: It’s for sale in Sarah’s little universe, not the real world. Sorry!

The flower in the centre is a woven wheel stitch, which is a new stitch for me. If I was to do this stitch again, I would use more than five spokes, as it turned out quite loose the way the instructions did it. Either way, it still looks great and was definitely fun to try.

Anyways, see ya!