Happy Blog Birthday

Tiny Horse Talk turns 3 today!


I’ve really enjoyed spending these past years posting here, meeting all you wonderful creators, and I look forward to spending many more years blogging alongside you all.

Anyways, see ya!



Food Dishes

In between all the Christmas crafting I’ve been doing (that may or may not involve a gift for a certain someone…), I made some clear dishes for holding assorted foodstuffs.


They have removable lids made of paperboard from a cereal box, and the dishes themselves are made of clear plastic from an old Breyer box.


They were inspired by life-size ones my family uses for leftovers and meat instead of plastic wrap, one of which is below.



At the moment, the dishes hold the meat patties and bread rolls from the burgers.



The bread roll one is slightly taller than the meat one, as you can see here. As I make more miniature food, I’ll probably make more of these dishes to hold it all, which is definitely better for the environment than using tiny pieces of plastic wrap.

Anyways, see ya!


Christmas in the City

Sarah and I went on a trip into the city to scope out the Christmas decorations on the streets. There weren’t many, but I did get some pictures of Sarah in front of the massive Christmas tree in the city square.



You can get a sense of how humongous the tree is in the above picture, which is 20 metres (about 65 feet) tall.


I thought these festive kookaburras were really sweet, so we naturally had to get a picture with them.

Do cities or towns do similar things where you live? I’d love to know!

Anyways, see ya!


Tinned Tomatoes

Do you remember those tomato slices I made back when I was making the sandwich fillings? Well, I made a tin for them today, courtesy of Benoit Farms & Gardens.


(Note: Benoit Farms & Gardens is the fictional (sadly) farm of Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles books by Marissa Meyer – it’s a very good series!)


This side of the label says ‘Farm-Fresh Sliced Tomatoes’. Perhaps next time I’d make the label a different colour to the tin, perhaps yellow or pale green.


I also put the Benoit Farms logo on the lid, just in case it gets mixed up with any other lids out there.



The lid has a little inset circle on the inside to keep it on, as you can see above. You can also see the nutritional information and ingredients on this side of the label.


This picture could almost be in an ad for Benoit Farms & Gardens, couldn’t it? *uplifting melody starts playing* ‘Farm-fresh, sliced tomatoes, perfect for a lunchtime sandwich. In stores now.‘ 😀

Anyways, see ya!


Not Cracker-lacking

The process of drafting a pattern for Sarah-scale Christmas crackers is not simple. I based all these patterns on one that came in a Mollie Makes freebie a while ago.


My first pattern and its result is on the right, and it didn’t work because I don’t believe triangular crackers are sold conventionally. (If I’m wrong, do correct me!) My second attempt is on the left, this one was too large, being octagonal rather than hexagonal.


I got the pattern right by cutting off two of the octagonal patterns’ sides, huzzah!



I made the first two with plain, craft paper to make sure the pattern worked, then I made two with metallic craft paper scraps.


The Mollie Makes pattern came with some Christmassy papers, and I used one of the papers to make a cracker with the full-sized pattern.


I’m not sure what I’ll do with this cracker yet, it may just be a photography prop, but Sarah’s crackers will definitely get brought out each Christmas. If you have ideas for what I could do with the larger cracker, feel free to suggest them!

Anyways, see ya!