New Methods

In a recent Mollie Makes edition, there was an article on making miniatures for a doll’s house, one of which was balls of yarn.


They were made by wrapping the yarn around a small segment of straw, which is a better method than the one I used to use, and you can see the difference in the balls.

On the left is the straw method, the right is my wrap-it-round-your-fingers method.


I used old scraps to make a small bag’s worth, to start Sarah’s yarn stash off.



I like how uniform they are, not unlike real balls of yarn, and the straw method is also less fiddly and looks neater than my original method. As I accumulate more long-ish ends, I’ll make more colours and the mini stash will slowly grow, like real stashes tend to do!

Anyways, see ya!



Project Roundup

This little shield is something I started making on impulse, just for fun. It’ll make some fun photos, either way.


I’ve also made progress on the walls of Sarah’s renovated kitchen/living space, here’s the exterior:


and the interior so far:


I want to glue the kitchen benches into the main box alcove, which is why the entire wall is not covered in brick.


I also need to put the window in, frame it, and re-make the front door a little, as it looks a little flat at the moment.

Anyways, see ya!


Beach Breton

Back when I went on holidays to the beach, I made a Breton top for Sarah, to take in her suitcase and take pictures of on the beach.


I made the shoulders slightly wider, so the top offers more sun protection (which is definitely a necessity here!).


The fabric came in a fabric pack as a freebie, and I was really lucky to get three squares of this striped fabric, which is the perfect scale. The top is made of two of the squares.



It was so cold when I went out to take these pictures, Sarah hid her hands in her pockets.



I love how big and blue the sky looks in these photos, it looks almost infinite.

Anyways, see ya!


Mandala Success!

Previously, when I’ve tried to crochet mandalas, they haven’t really turned out very well. Perhaps it’s because I don’t read the pattern properly all the time, but when I make a successful mandala, it’s a small cause for celebration.


I like the colours in this mandala, it looks very spring-y, unlike the cold, rainy weather we’ve had to start off our spring.



This hoop lives on my bedroom door, and looks quite nice with the crochet wreath I made ages ago.



It was nice to crochet something again, as I’ve spent a lot of time recently embroidering… various things. And doing a bit of designing, too.

Anyways, see ya!


Cover the Walls

Sarah’s notice board is finished, and she’s already started putting some things up there.



There’s a few lists and such, and what looks like a crochet project of some kind…


I also printed off some amazing fanart to put up in Sarah’s room, because all empty walls need a little art, in my opinion.


The first one Sarah picked, this Avengers one, is by Risa Rodil, whose website is here. She does a variety of different fandoms, too many to list here.


Of course, we had to have a piece of Lunar Chronicles art, so Sarah chose this one for above the bed by eerna on Tumblr, who does a lot of Lunar Chronicles artworks. I would definitely recommend checking out these two artists, all of their work is amazing!

Anyways, see ya!