Lola’s Rug

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything for a model horse – mostly because it wasn’t necessary. However, Lola needed a rug, so I spent this morning at the sewing machine.



I experimented with making the back of the rug contour to her back. It’s a bit rudimentary, but it’s a start.





It’s got all the usual buckles, and the white straps go well with the red.


I think this is the brightest Traditional rug I’ve made, because even Fawkes’ yellow one is a pale yellow, and Empress’ is also pale pink. Good thing Lola’s not afraid of bright colours.

Anyways, see ya!


Crochet Occamy

Ever since seeing Fantastic Beasts, I’ve seen an array of crocheted Bowtruckles and Nifflers out on the Internet, but never an Occamy. Until now, however!


Isn’t it adorable?


I crocheted it around a pipe cleaner, which simultaneously provided a wire to make it pose-able, and the stuffing in the form of the fluff.


I teased out the threads on the crest and tail to see what it’d look like, and I like the effect.


Cute little wings. You can see the different colours in them in this picture.



BB8 is still slightly unsure of the intentions of our new friend.

While I was crocheting the Occamy, I wrote a pattern for it. If I get more requests, I may write up and post the pattern here. I’m also taking name suggestions, as I don’t think we got any of the names of Newt’s Occamys. (Is it Occamies for plural?)

Anyways, see ya!


Project Roundup

1:9 scale crochet Occamy with pattern: coming along well, making the body takes a while but the head looks really good.


Floral wreath: It’s planned and I’ve crocheted the background onto the styrofoam. I haven’t got a colour scheme for the flowers yet.



Pineapple shawl: really far along! I’ve just started the pineapples along the edge, and it looks really good. I chose the pattern partly because Claire of Once Upon A Yarn had used it previously and hers looked incredible, and partly because it looked like wings when it’s stretched out.

Anyways, see ya!