New Craft Supplies and Spud Update

Recently I have been working on a lot of different projects at once. This is how I operate best because when one project needs to dry, I can move on to something else in the meantime instead of getting fidgety.

So I decided to modify Snatchcorn and Big Red’s halters to match Fergus’s, instead of them looking like this:


They now look like this:


Snatchcorn’s halter got shortened too:

IMG_6192 IMG_6193

This is Big Red’s:

IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6196

I like these nosebands better than the one in the first photo, it sits flatter on the horse’s head which doesn’t obstruct the general form of his face.

Now for a **SPUD UPDATE**

I got this:


because I have about this much wool left on the last leg:



So now this rabbit-horse-thing:

His ears are rabbit-like in this photo though……

can be a horse! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Third project:


Recreating this in Schleich-scale.



I’ll post photos of the finished wash stall, non-slip floor and all!

Must go and *finish* Spud now, bye!


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