Royal Regalia for Empress

As you know, I named one of my newest Breyers Empress. Now I am making her a royal outfit to match her royal name.

I found this necklace in an old shopping bag and thought I’d try it on her.


^^Close up of the central pendant.^^

IMG_6407  IMG_6409

I bought some satin at the craft store this morning that’s the same colour as the blue gems.


So we are prepared for royal cape-making! Now I get to research royal equestrian costumes. Yay!


She STILL hasn’t found a showname yet so PLEASE help her find one!! I would like suggestions to be related to female royalty, like empresses, queens, etc. Thanks!



One thought on “Royal Regalia for Empress

  1. Spud January 8, 2015 / 5:19 am

    What about naming her Lady Spud? Or Marchioness Murphy?? Or Miss Sargent??


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