Royal Regalia for Empress – Finished!

So, after much playing with baking paper, satin and fluffy fabric, there was cutting…


…and hemming…


…and sewing fluffy fabric on (and cleaning up the immense amounts of fluff it gives off)…


…and a bit more sewing, and Empress’s Royal Regalia was *FINISHED!!!*

IMG_6467  IMG_6468

IMG_6470  IMG_6471

To keep it from sliding back over her rear (satin is vveerryy slippery) I sewed a short piece of ribbon across the front. It sits under her jewels and actually doesn’t stand out as much as I thought it would.


IMG_6474  IMG_6475


Now Squirt looks kind of … undressed.


My creative urges tell me to make something for him. Hmmm……


PS. Perhaps a bow tie?

One thought on “Royal Regalia for Empress – Finished!

  1. Crown Princess January 16, 2015 / 11:30 pm

    Love the royal regalia!
    Ready for the garden party at the palace- better not leave hoof prints on the royal lawn!


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