Mr Bentley’s Halter & Dollhouse Updates

I finished the sink, finally.


The top is actually fabric covered with clear contact.


You can see how much effort I put into the tap in that photo. I really like the little beads for hot and cold water, though.


The cupboard doors don’t actually open, and I probably should put knobs on them. But after taking 2 days to make, I really don’t care.


I do like the height, though. it’s *perfect*. Yay! 🙂

On the other hoof, I finished Mr Bentley’s halter.


As per usual with my halters, it has his name on the nameplate.


However, what is NOT so usual for my halters is what’s on the other side.


Can you see it?


Yes! I put a little white bow tie on the other cheekpiece. It’s so cute!


Sorry, he was showing off. He really likes the bow tie on the cheekpiece. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since I finished it.


I also started two Arabian halters. I don’t know why, but I was in a plaiting mood so I figured I should take advantage of it! The blue one’s noseband is really short though, so I’m contemplating re-doing it against scrapping the whole halter.

I’ll keep you posted on the oven, which is next. All of the ideas (and paper) I borrowed from MyFroggyStuff, who has a Youtube channel and a blog, which is on blogspot. It’s worth a look as they do recycle a lot of stuff that would go to waste otherwise.

See ya!



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  1. Spud January 18, 2015 / 5:42 am



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