It’s So Wet

But the bonus of rain is model horse photography opportunities!

I took Ace, Spice and Spotts out and this is what I came back with:

IMG_6566  IMG_6570

IMG_6571  IMG_6573

IMG_6574  IMG_6575



IMG_6579  IMG_6580

IMG_6582  IMG_6583

IMG_6584  IMG_6586

IMG_6587  IMG_6588


Ace is the Appaloosa in the first few photos, Spotts is the next Appy and Spice is the palomino who is, what a surprise, actually another Appaloosa.

The chairs are finished, I just haven’t got photos yet. I just need a computer and cash register, and THE WHOLE BOTTOM LEVEL IS BASICALLY DONE. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

FillieFanatic 🙂


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