BCS Winter Photo Challenge

I am a BIG fan of Jennifer Buxton’s blog, Braymere Custom Saddlery, so when I saw this my reaction was: “I MUST DO THIS.”

So. Shall we begin?

1. Vintage


Girlie was made in 2001, and released in 2002, so she’s my oldest model! Therefore, she is vintage.

2. Nekkid

Laura offside

I bought a body on this mould today, so she will be nekkid, does that count?

3. Scale issues


“Ooohh, what’s this?”

4. I see spots


Me, too. 😉

5. Unbridled passion

Lilly + Duke2

Yay for un-realistic photos!

6. Rare breed

Hansel6-Under the Spotlight

According to a Google search, Black Forest horses are rare. And I own two. *evil smile*

7. Portrait


8. Conga

Royal & Patch2

I have a few customs done by myself that form mini congas. (see what I did there?)

9. The great outdoors


‘Great’? Sometimes.

10. Best in Show

The Family5

Do you see in the bottom-left corner? That’s a first place ribbon. That Snatchcorn stole from me.

I hope that all the photos are relatively within category, and thanks so much for doing this Jennifer!! There should be far more things like this out there.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and good luck to everyone else who has entered!



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