A Fjabulous New Addition

I bought another horse today and as you can guess from the title, she’s a Fjord.

Maye offside

She’s a release from last year. Her mane looks a little bit cartoon-ish, but she’s SOOOO photogenic. If you’re considering her and love taking photos of your models, GET HER.

I have proof.

Maye&Mudge2  Maye7

Maye6  Maye5

Maye4  Maye&Mudge4

Photogenic proof that this horse is amazing. In fact, Maye (that’s her name) may just have to be……




Squishy Cushions

Throughout this whole Valentine’s weekend, I have been crafting. I made a HEAP of pillows for Lisa’s loft seat and they’re so squishy! 😀


As well as this one…..


There’s a blue satin one, made from the same stuff Empress’s royal cloak was made from…….


A light purple one (I promise, it’s purple)……..


and one made from the same stuff Lisa’s pants are made from.


It’s so comfy up there now, I almost want to sit up there myself!

IMG_6735  IMG_6736

IMG_6739  IMG_6741

On a different note, did I show you guys the beanbag chair?


It’s filled with sand and a bit of stuffing, so it’s pretty firm.

IMG_6745  IMG_6746

That’s about all for now, I might do a mid-week post again with V’s Day outtakes. Do you want to see them?