A Girl’s Best Friend

This list includes a dog, a horse (duh!), diamonds and her wardrobe. Speaking of which, I am nearly finished Lisa’s wardrobe.

Pictorial evidence!

IMG_6644  IMG_6645


These are the doors, the one on the left has a mirror. Not tin foil. ;D


IMG_6648  IMG_6649

Aaand the shelving unit turned out slightly higher than planned…..

IMG_6650  IMG_6651


It was meant to be shoulder height… oops. I made the white and red loop-things on the top as well. They’re like ribbons that you put around the horse’s neck.

IMG_6654  IMG_6656



I’ll try my hardest to blog mid-week, even if I do a Wordless Wednesday. I’ll definitely blog next Saturday, though. So see you whenever, old and new readers!



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