Bit Far From Valentine’s Day……

But why not?

I found a pattern for some crochet hearts (an Attic24 creation) so I crochet one up and loved it.

So I made another one.

And three more.


She didn’t specify what size hook to use (from what I could see) so I used a 4.00mm for these guys. I have 2 more that I didn’t photograph, they are duplicates of the rainbow one and the pink one.

IMG_6816  IMG_6817


They have a little loop on the back that was made with the tail because it was practical!



These are insanely quick to make and insanely addictive. I memorized the pattern within making two.

If you want to be possessed by the urge to crochet these for the next, oh, month or so, click right >HERE<.

*ppst! you didn’t hear it from me!

FillieFanatic 🙂


One thought on “Bit Far From Valentine’s Day……

  1. Crochet lady March 13, 2015 / 6:20 am

    Love these little hearts!
    Great to dress up a tee shirt or pair of shorts
    Would look good on a beret too


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