Changing the World…..

One crochet heart at a time!

Yeah, that’s the plan for those crochet hearts I did a while ago. I’m going to drop them in slightly un-obvious places throughout the week and hope that they make someone smile.

I finished their tags this morning (it’s STILL raining cats and dogs) so they’re all ready-spaghetti to go out and be amazing.

IMG_6844  IMG_6845

One side of the tag says ‘Have a great day, beautiful’ and the flip side says ‘Handmade for you’.

IMG_6846  IMG_6847

IMG_6848  IMG_6849

I made double-ups of each of them so I have some of their beauty to keep with me.

Who else has yarn-bombed/done something similar to this and what was the reaction/how did it look? I’m interested to know!


One thought on “Changing the World…..

  1. Crochet buddy March 22, 2015 / 6:41 am

    What a lovely idea!
    A crochet heart with a message could really change the day for someone who needed a kind thought !


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