Breyer Beach Photos

The pictures of Forest yesterday were taken at the beach, where I also took 2 Breyers and 4 Schleich. These are the Breyer photos, and I don’t know what else to say about them, really. Apart from the fact that Empress is extremely photogenic.

Empress23 copy  Empress24 copy

Empress26 copy  Empress28 copy

Empress29 copy  Empress32 copy

Empress33 copy  Empress35 copy

Empress38 copy  Empress39 copy

Empress40 copy  Empress41 copy

Empress42 copy  Empress44

Empress46 copy  Mr Bentley26 copy

Mr Bentley29 copy  Mr Bentley30 copy

Mr Bentley32 copy  Mr Bentley34 copy

Mr Bentley36 copy

You see my point? Yup. Thought so.

See ya!




There’s another new pony on the block, and he’s got extremely high cuteness levels.

Meet Forest, or GH Montgomery Glass:

Forest nearside  Forest offside

Forest1  Forest2

Forest3  Forest4

Forest5  Forest8

Forest11  Forest13

Forest19  Forest20

He’s the 2015 ‘Mini Shetty’ stallion. He can be quite photogenic and you can probably dream of far more different settings to put him into than I ever will.

This also means that my Shetland collection now stands at 6. Oops.


More Pony Cozies

I’ve been crocheting a few more pony cozies with the yarn I bought last week. Most of them are not finished, as I don’t have a very wide colour range in my button collection.



That’s Snatchcorn’s. He’s my resident orange-lover (in case you didn’t realize) and this yarn looks very pumpkin-y and autumnal, which makes me happy. I love how the neckline of his turned out.


And then Fergus’. The yarn I used was really chunky and the colour is more neon in real life. My camera doesn’t like some of the colours I use. Damn you camera!


Finally, Chico got one.


None of them are finished as they don’t have buttons so at the moment, they’re just flying open underneath their tums.


I present to you……. the Pony Cozy Squad as of the 18th of April!

See ya!