Empress’ Rug

I finished Empress’ rug yesterday. Sometimes these stress me out because they don’t fit right but this one was pretty easy.

IMG_6934  IMG_6935

IMG_6936  IMG_6937

IMG_6938  IMG_6939

I love the print of the fabric as it’s bright and cheery and more interesting to look at than plain denim or black & white stripes. The straps under the belly annoyed me because they weren’t sitting right but I think I can handle it. The print makes up for the buckles, though. It just matches her halter colour so perfectly while being happy and interesting!

In other news, I had the urge to knit a bit again. I’ve knitted before, but I prefer crochet because it grows fast and it’s easier to do in the round than knitting. It’s very calming and rhythmic (even though I only know how to knit stitch in rows!) and it feels good.

Lots of words today, makes a change from lots of photos. Do you guys want to see the knitting progress?

See ya!


One thought on “Empress’ Rug

  1. Minki April 9, 2015 / 11:45 am

    Love the rug!!!! I would love to see knitting process. My mum is an avid knitter


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