More Pony Cozies

I’ve been crocheting a few more pony cozies with the yarn I bought last week. Most of them are not finished, as I don’t have a very wide colour range in my button collection.



That’s Snatchcorn’s. He’s my resident orange-lover (in case you didn’t realize) and this yarn looks very pumpkin-y and autumnal, which makes me happy. I love how the neckline of his turned out.


And then Fergus’. The yarn I used was really chunky and the colour is more neon in real life. My camera doesn’t like some of the colours I use. Damn you camera!


Finally, Chico got one.


None of them are finished as they don’t have buttons so at the moment, they’re just flying open underneath their tums.


I present to you……. the Pony Cozy Squad as of the 18th of April!

See ya!



One thought on “More Pony Cozies

  1. Minki April 19, 2015 / 8:11 am

    I like Chico’s best. You’re really talented! 🙂


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