Breyer Beach Photos

The pictures of Forest yesterday were taken at the beach, where I also took 2 Breyers and 4 Schleich. These are the Breyer photos, and I don’t know what else to say about them, really. Apart from the fact that Empress is extremely photogenic.

Empress23 copy  Empress24 copy

Empress26 copy  Empress28 copy

Empress29 copy  Empress32 copy

Empress33 copy  Empress35 copy

Empress38 copy  Empress39 copy

Empress40 copy  Empress41 copy

Empress42 copy  Empress44

Empress46 copy  Mr Bentley26 copy

Mr Bentley29 copy  Mr Bentley30 copy

Mr Bentley32 copy  Mr Bentley34 copy

Mr Bentley36 copy

You see my point? Yup. Thought so.

See ya!



3 thoughts on “Breyer Beach Photos

  1. Crochet buddy April 26, 2015 / 10:29 pm

    Wish I was at the beach today or ……
    walking in the rainforest or …..
    crafting looking out at the ships going by
    Happy days !
    Ah well back to reality!
    Now when is our next trip away?


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