Art Caddy

The thing I was hoping to blog about today STILL hasn’t dried so that’ll be next weekend. HOWEVER, today I have an art caddy to show you guys.

IMG_7251  IMG_7254

IMG_7257  IMG_7258

IMG_7259  IMG_7307


It’s Traditional scale, so I can use it for my old Barbie dolls. I love the last few pictures, because the dress is meant to be a painter’s outfit. It’s a bit crinkled, but doll clothing is hard to iron and they’ve never been ironed. She must have been sitting really awkwardly.

It’s made of popsicle sticks that I painted and sanded, to make it look like it’s been used a lot. The paint tubes are rolled paper with a label glued on. As you can see from the first picture, the bottles can be removed from the caddy, which means they fall out a lot. But hey, I might add a palette so that’d be cool.

See ya!



Mr Bentley’s Rug

I talked about it when I got Mr Bentley, but I’ve only just got around to doing it.

IMG_7246  IMG_7247

IMG_7248  IMG_7249

That bow is very classy. When I cut the fabric, I accidentally cut the hole for his head on the wrong side, so the front of the rug is too short, so the bow is used to make the front fit properly. It’s not done yet, as you can see there are no tummy straps.


I’ll do the tummy straps sometime this weekend, as well as some other stuff that I’ll hopefully show you tomorrow. 😀

See ya!


You remember Venus? And that first picture? Yup, and the GARGANTUAN red horse that’s beside her? Yeah, that’s Firethowra. His name came from a combination of the Silver Brumby (the main character’s name is Thowra) and his colour (it looks like fire).

He was customized at the same time as Venus was and came on the same photoshoot for exactly the same reason – I needed to take photos.

Firethowra3  Firethowra4

Firethowra5  Firethowra6

Firethowra9  Firethowra10

Once again, he has some really good angles.

Apologies for all the photoshoots recently, there will be more craft on Saturday if my projects decide to co-operate.

See ya!


Venus Photoshoot + Questions

I took one of my customs, Venus, out today because I’ve been meaning to get photos of her for a while now. I’m so glad I did though, because she is so photogenic! She’s a custom on the 2014 (?) Frisian mare, the one with the red ribbons in her mane & tail. I painted her a while ago and I guess she could be a Frisian x Appaloosa cos Frisians don’t usually come with spots. 😀

Venus&Firethowra4  Venus4

Venus6  Venus10

Venus8  Venus11

“And what’s the ‘Questions’ bit about?”

Well, I was just going to ask you guys if you wanted to see a record of all my models on here. It’d be another page at the top, and there’d be a Breyer section and a Schleich section. The Schleich section would be ordered by breed (cos there’s about 95 of them) and they’d all have names, breeds, etc.

Comment down below if you want to see all 107 model horses!

See ya!



Sadly, not the chocolate type. A more, shall we say, plastic pony-shaped Toblerone.

That’s right guys, my newest custom is named GH Dark Temptations or Toblerone. Do you remember the body that I mentioned in the Braymere Winter Photo Challenge? Well, Toblerone is the finished product, which I am so happy about because I’ve had him sitting on the shelf for what feels like forever. I think he turned out so well!

IMG_7198  IMG_7204

IMG_7205  IMG_7206

IMG_7208  IMG_7209

IMG_7210  IMG_7211

IMG_7212  IMG_7213

IMG_7216  IMG_7219

IMG_7221  IMG_7223


The last two are me playing in freshly mown grass clippings. It was in a big pile so I sank him in a bit to look like loooooooooooong grass. I think it looks so cute, like he’s popping his head up to get his bearings.

Anyways, see ya!