Sadly, not the chocolate type. A more, shall we say, plastic pony-shaped Toblerone.

That’s right guys, my newest custom is named GH Dark Temptations or Toblerone. Do you remember the body that I mentioned in the Braymere Winter Photo Challenge? Well, Toblerone is the finished product, which I am so happy about because I’ve had him sitting on the shelf for what feels like forever. I think he turned out so well!

IMG_7198  IMG_7204

IMG_7205  IMG_7206

IMG_7208  IMG_7209

IMG_7210  IMG_7211

IMG_7212  IMG_7213

IMG_7216  IMG_7219

IMG_7221  IMG_7223


The last two are me playing in freshly mown grass clippings. It was in a big pile so I sank him in a bit to look like loooooooooooong grass. I think it looks so cute, like he’s popping his head up to get his bearings.

Anyways, see ya!



One thought on “Toblerone

  1. Minki May 24, 2015 / 11:01 am

    Wow your customs are amazing! I love pictures 6, 11 and 14!


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