Pikachu Onesie

Yup, either your dreams have come true or your worst nightmares have all been rolled into one. 😀 You’re welcome, either way.

IMG_7478  IMG_7479

IMG_7480  IMG_7481

I even sewed on a tail. It’s all jagged, so it’s an authentic tail as well.

IMG_7482  IMG_7483

IMG_7484  IMG_7485

The beanie can go over the hood (and probably should) because I wasn’t bothered to decorate the hood with Pikachu ears and cheeks and eyes and etc.


Yay! Corny photo with everyone in their jammies!

I don’t know. There will be other stuff soon, I promise!

See ya!



More Beanies

So I made another beanie for the (still) unnamed doll, and it is a bit more tailored towards her likes (being Japan, anime, Pikachu, etc.).

IMG_7466  IMG_7467


Pikachu works really well as a beanie. The cheeks and ears are attached to the beanie and the rest of the face is embroidered on.

IMG_7471  IMG_7472


I wanted to make a beanie that had those earflaps on them, with long tie-like things. I’ve heard of them being called Peruvian hats but you know what I mean.


I love it. I think it looks really good and it goes with a lot of things. What do you think?

See ya!



Does anyone love the show Shaun the Sheep? Because I know I do. So much so, that when I crocheted an amigurumi lamb i named him after one of my favourite characters.

IMG_7457  IMG_7458

Real men wear pink & purple.

IMG_7459  IMG_7460


The pattern came with instructions for the little bag to go with him. You could also crochet the lamb with a larger hook and make a scarf to go with him.

IMG_7462  IMG_7465

As you can see, it also opens.

I love his little smile. 😀 One of his legs is a bit weird because I think I understuffed it but it makes him look like he’s skipping along. :):D The next amigurumi sheep will be the main man, Shaun.

He’s so cute.

See ya!



The last of my three dolls that I wanted to take on a photoshoot, she was also the model for the Onesie. She’s a really old doll (her body says she’s from 1999 but her head says 2003, so let’s say 1999-2003 period) and her hair is dark red with blonde streaks.

IMG_7435  IMG_7438

IMG_7439  IMG_7440

IMG_7441  IMG_7442


I threw a jacket on her because it is quite chilly at the moment and my fingers may be freezing off. Not literally. But still.

See ya!