So, while I was shooting for the Art Caddy, I brushed one of the doll’s hair out. It looked so nice I didn’t want to waste it on photographing her hands. So I decided she needed a photoshoot.

The original photo – see what I mean?

IMG_7260  IMG_7261

IMG_7262  IMG_7263

IMG_7264  IMG_7265


The last one looks like she’s going into the deep, dark forest. But I reckon she looks like a mish-mash of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, or Belle from Beauty & the Beast because of the books on her skirt and the headband. You getting my gist?

Anyways, see ya!


One thought on “Jasmine

  1. Minki June 4, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    Cool! I have a Barbie that I repainted the face of to make more natural. You take off the original paint with nail varnish remover + eucalyptus oil and then use acrylic paint to put a new face on. It works really well and makes the dolls look really nice.


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