Not Just Horses

I don’t just collect model horses. For a year when I was younger, I was a dog fan. I still love dogs, but they aren’t my favourite animal. I still have the collection of dogs (there’s about 30) from that year, though and I still pick up some dogs every now and again.

I took some of these pooches on a photoshoot today and this is the result.

IMG_7377  IMG_7379

IMG_7380  IMG_7381

IMG_7383  IMG_7385

IMG_7386  IMG_7387

IMG_7389  IMG_7390

IMG_7391  IMG_7392

IMG_7395  IMG_7396

IMG_7397  IMG_7398

IMG_7400  IMG_7403

IMG_7405  IMG_7407


The brown one’s name is Ernie (I think), the big spotted one is Isabella and the little spotted dog is Hamish.

One can never have too many talents.

See ya!


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