Does anyone love the show Shaun the Sheep? Because I know I do. So much so, that when I crocheted an amigurumi lamb i named him after one of my favourite characters.

IMG_7457  IMG_7458

Real men wear pink & purple.

IMG_7459  IMG_7460


The pattern came with instructions for the little bag to go with him. You could also crochet the lamb with a larger hook and make a scarf to go with him.

IMG_7462  IMG_7465

As you can see, it also opens.

I love his little smile. 😀 One of his legs is a bit weird because I think I understuffed it but it makes him look like he’s skipping along. :):D The next amigurumi sheep will be the main man, Shaun.

He’s so cute.

See ya!


4 thoughts on “Timmy

  1. Spud June 25, 2015 / 8:42 am

    Wonderful as usual! Do we get to see Shaun and his Mum?? Pleeeeeezzzz!


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