Classic 2015 Feldspar & Encore Review

Starting with Feldspar, I love this horse. Her mould is just so cute, especially with the way she is standing. Her tail is also really nice, because it’s kinda flicking out to the side and not just there. The colour works really nicely on her, although it is chipping off in a few places. She’s also a bit bumpy and uneven, but this may be because she is an older mould. Overall, she is fabulous.

Moving on to Encore, she is so cute! I love her gait as well as the way her head is positioned, she looks so curious. The colour does mean that marks show up very easily, although it is really nice on her. Mine had a few box rubs, so this may be something to watch out for. Her eyes do look a bit bug-like, what with Breyer making them bottomless pits of blackness. Overall, I really like her, but there are a few things that you may need to look out for.

My Feldspar is named GH Stargazer, or Hazel and my Encore is named GH One More Time, or Skye.

Hazel nearside  Hazel offside

Hazel2 edit  Hazel3 edit

Hazel5 edit  Hazel10 edit

Hazel11 edit

Skye nearside  Skye offside

Skye&Hazel1 edit  Skye&Hazel5 edit

Skye&Hazel8 edit  Skye&Hazel10 edit

Skye1 edit  Skye2 edit

Skye5 edit

Whoa…….long post. Congrats if you made it here!

See ya!



Classic 2015 Mato Ska Review

I think this mould is a really nice mould, and his colour works really well on it. It is tricky to get his head into photos if you’re taking a shot of him eating, unless you have reeeeeealy short grass. Other than that, he’s a really nice horse.

Mine’s name is GH Mato Ska or Bear.

Bear nearside  Bear offside

Bear1 edit  Bear3 edit

Bear4 edit

See ya!


Classic 2015 Cloud Review

I love this guy’s mould, I just think it is so cute the way he is cantering along. He is a really nice metallic-y palomino-cremello-ish colour, which I know Breyer is not very good at doing on occasion. However, they did a really good job on mine. Interestingly, his outward-facing side in the box is more damaged than his box side. This may be the shipping, I’m not sure. Overall, he’s a really nice model and is quite photogenic as well.

I named mine GH The Archer, or Apollo.

Apollo nearside  Apollo offside

Apollo2 edit  Apollo3 edit

Apollo5 edit

See ya!


Four New Arrivals

My birthday was recently, and I was given many wonderful things by my family and friends. However, one of the most wonderful things (or, at least most relevant to this blog) was the four-pack Cloud’s Encore.

IMG_7755 edit

This is Apollo, he doesn’t have a show name yet. Suggestions welcome!

IMG_7758 edit

This is GH Mato Ska or Bear,

IMG_7759 edit

GH Stargazer or Hazel,

IMG_7760 edit

and GH One More Time or Skye.

IMG_7761 edit

Family photo:

IMG_7762 edit

and on the shelf with Chico, my other Classic:

IMG_7763 edit

I’m thinking of doing reviews for them this weekend, as I may not have much time to make anything for them.

Anyway, see ya!


Tiger Has A Rug!

It just hasn’t got the Tiger punch yet.

IMG_7746  IMG_7747

IMG_7748  IMG_7749


Yes, at the moment it’s just a purple rug. I’d love to make it special and so identifiably Tiger’s, you could see it from the Eiffel Tower (exaggeration) but I’ll be needing some inspiration.

I was thinking of cutting black/dark purple felt into tiger stripes and sewing them on, but if you’ve got any ideas then please share!

See ya!