Stablemate Pony Cozies

As cleverly guessed by cedarwoodstables, I made Pony Cozies for my Stablemates!


I bought the Stablemates a few years ago and through every winter, they’ve been sitting there, shivering as all my other horses went through winter decked out in rugged finery (see what I did there?).


For years, I couldn’t think of a way to rug them without enduring tiny stitches, frustration and giving up completely.


UNTIL NOW!!!! *dundundunnn*

IMG_7733  IMG_7732  

Yeah, I’m really happy that they have a way to keep warm when the mercury gets low. I also love anything tiny, so these were a lot of fun!

IMG_7731  IMG_7740

I also got to try and use up some scraps I’d had for a while, which is always a good thing.

IMG_7737  IMG_7736

Ideas, Cogaroo? I know you (probably) have scrap yarn somewhere……


They shall be cold no more!

2 thoughts on “Stablemate Pony Cozies

  1. Cogaroo July 18, 2015 / 5:13 pm

    Those are adorable, you did a great job! I dislike crocheting with thread & a small hook too, but I like the pattern you came up with. Yes, I have scrap yarn *everywhere*! I usually end up making doll clothes with it, because you don’t need much. If you need ideas, how about a stripey pony cozy? 🙂


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