Joker’s Grooming Kit

This is the one I had in the works yesterday. It looks so good!

IMG_7954  IMG_7955

IMG_7956  IMG_7957

I did the sanding thing on this one too but it doesn’t show up as well because it’s a lighter colour. It has all the same stuff in though: hoof pick, 3 brushes, 2 sponges & stable rubber.

IMG_7959  IMG_7962

The girl in the photo (with the camera) is actually me………


I love how colour-coordinated it is, the felt on the brushes is pretty much exactly the same colour as the paint. It has blue sponges because sadly, I don’t have any green sponges to chop up. ;(

Anyways, see ya!

FillieFanatic 🙂


Outlaw’s Grooming Kit

I just finished painting this grooming kit this morning, and I have to say it looks quite sensational.

IMG_7945  IMG_7946

The above right picture best shows the sanding I did, to make it look like it’s been used a lot already. The black makes the sanding look amazingly real!

IMG_7947  IMG_7948

Everything inside it (l-r): stable rubber, 2 sponges, 3 brushes (dandy, body & face) and a hoof pick.

IMG_7949  IMG_7950

IMG_7952  IMG_7953

I even played dress-up. This was a lot of fun.

I have another one in the works, so look out for that one!

See ya!


The Finished Stable

Yay! It’s complete!

IMG_7930  IMG_7931

The aisle is really wide – I did that deliberately because the first incarnation of this stable had a very narrow aisle. I love it – there’s so much space!!

IMG_7932  IMG_7933

What I also like is the little walls in front of the stalls. They’re the perfect width to put grooming kits and a few extra little items.

IMG_7935  IMG_7936

These two horses weren’t in the stable before. They moved in because the field was quite crowded. The green-rugged one is Joker and the one with the black plaid rug with red trim is Outlaw.

I really like this new layout, it works much better with the stable’s needs and the wide aisle has plenty of place to put a camera in. 😀

See ya!


In Progress

I’ve had this HUUUUUUGE stable for my horses for quite a while and I designed it so it had four, gigantic stalls.

Then, along comes the field (from last post) but it was quite cramped. 

Sooooo…….. to free up more room in the field, my solution was to rip up all the inner walls of the stable, chop some of them into thirds and make six stalls (that were considerably smaller) as well as a wider aisle down the centre. This means I can balance out the number of horses inside and outside. 

Progress pictures:

IMG_7920  IMG_7921

IMG_7922  IMG_7923

IMG_7924  IMG_7925

IMG_7927  IMG_7929

Each stall has a chain stall guard, will have food, water & bedding, and the four corner stables have a Dutch (?) door at the back as well.

Stay tuned for the finished stable!

See ya!