In Progress

I’ve had this HUUUUUUGE stable for my horses for quite a while and I designed it so it had four, gigantic stalls.

Then, along comes the field (from last post) but it was quite cramped. 

Sooooo…….. to free up more room in the field, my solution was to rip up all the inner walls of the stable, chop some of them into thirds and make six stalls (that were considerably smaller) as well as a wider aisle down the centre. This means I can balance out the number of horses inside and outside. 

Progress pictures:

IMG_7920  IMG_7921

IMG_7922  IMG_7923

IMG_7924  IMG_7925

IMG_7927  IMG_7929

Each stall has a chain stall guard, will have food, water & bedding, and the four corner stables have a Dutch (?) door at the back as well.

Stay tuned for the finished stable!

See ya!


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