More Headwear

This bridle is a drafter bridle that was going to fit most drafters and even large sport horses but the cheekpiece that has the buckle on it is too long, so the smallest it goes is large drafter. If that makes sense.

IMG_8090_1  IMG_8091_1


It has buckled reins with a keeper, which I love. How it looks on some smaller draft horses:

IMG_8094_1  IMG_8095_1

I might go back and fix it later. (Watch this take 10 years. :D)

Anyways, see ya!



The Tiniest of Halters

Recently, I completed what is possibly my smallest halter ever. That’s right. EVER.

IMG_8081_1  IMG_8082_1

IMG_8083_1  IMG_8084_1

It’s a lead halter designed for showing the ponies, cos that’s totally gonna happen. 😀

IMG_8086_1  IMG_8087_1

I had to redo the noseband three times in order to get it to fit all their heads. First, I made it for Spice (^ that horse) but her head is smaller than the others’ heads. The noseband broke once when I was making it for Spice, so the third noseband is the current one.

Let’s hope it stays!

See ya!


Goddess of the Harvest

So I went to a store that sells Schleich ponies in the week, and I saw the 2015 Knapstrupper mare. I don’t know what came over me, but I felt I HAD to have her. We all know what happened next.

Demeter nearside1  Demeter offside1

Demeter5_1  Demeter7_1

Demeter9_1  Demeter13_1


The above photos were taken before her halter was finished, so here’s her halter:


The mould is a bit wonky, because her front right leg is longer than her front left leg but she is quite photogenic. If you know your Greek gods/goddesses, you’ve guessed from the title her name is Demeter.

See ya!


PS. Demeter doesn’t have a show name yet. I want it to reflect harvesting and the gathering of produce,  seeing as she is the goddess of the harvest. My creative reaches haven’t stretched as far as Greek mythology yet, so if you have any ideas, please comment! 

The Red Hats

What I didn’t tell you about those last hats, was that they were test hats. I made them to see how well the pattern worked, what needed adjusting in the instructions and other stuff like that. These hats, however, are the real deal. What I set out to create in the first place. The be-all and end-all. The-OKAY, you can stop now.

They are replicas(ish) of the hat that Paddington Bear wears. So, from the image on the DVD…


…came these two hats. One for my dolls:

IMG_8036  IMG_8037

IMG_8038  IMG_8039


and one for my Schleichs (modelled by Daffodil):

IMG_8041  IMG_8042

IMG_8043  IMG_8044

Side-by-side comparison:


The Schleich one is flatter and (obviously) smaller than the doll hat, but it doesn’t look bad on the horses. Which is good. 😀

IMG_8047  IMG_8048

Charlie (the girl) is discovering the beauty, grace and power of the horse. 😀

See ya!


Hats Away!

As you probably guessed, my latest crafty project has ben making hats. Eventually, I want to make the hat that Paddington Bear wears, except in model form. These hats were test hats, just to see how the pattern and method worked and what I needed to look out for while making the good hat.

I made one hat for the dolls and one for my Traditional girls.

IMG_8028  IMG_8029

IMG_8030  IMG_8031


The one for the horses is less fancy than the human one as the ribbon/lace that is around the human hat is too wide to put around the horse hat.

IMG_8033  IMG_8034


Hmmmm, I’m not sure hats look too great on horses, but they do look good on dolls, so keep an eye out for some more doll millinery soon.

See ya!