Anna’s Room


I believe I said when I started making the ground floor of this house, “Watch this take a year to finish.”. Or something along those lines. However, it is nearly finished, I just need a few little personal touches. And the balcony. EEEE!!!

IMG_8173_1  IMG_8174_1

On the right is the view from the doorway…..


Anna’s chair (nicknamed the Throne)…..


…wardrobe (Narnia?)….


and another general view. I need to put personal touches in it yet but it’s looking so good. I love the feature wall, it was some old scrapbook paper I’ve had for a long time.

Better get back to it, see ya!


3 thoughts on “Anna’s Room

  1. Cogaroo October 21, 2015 / 10:48 pm

    The room looks amazing! I love all the details, and the bunk bed. You did a great job! 😀


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