Fawkes’ Halter & Fergus’ Stand

Just a few hours ago, Fawkes’ halter was finished.




I think he looks nice in bright yellow, it kinda matches a phoenix’s plumage (it being red, orange and yellow).

As requested by cedarwoodstables, here are some images of Fergus’ stand that I made for him, since his Breyer-supplied one broke.



It’s made from air-drying clay, and I followed this tutorial.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “Fawkes’ Halter & Fergus’ Stand

  1. cog98 December 27, 2015 / 4:21 pm

    Ooh, he does look lovely in yellow! I love all the little buckles and stuff, it makes it look so detailed! 😀 And that’s a cool stand that you made – I hate it when they break.


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