Slytherin Scarf

Or, Hogwarts Scarves, Volume 2.



I chose Snatchcorn to model this one because I felt his personality matched that of a Slytherin.




I think it’s a tad wider than the Hufflepuff one. Eh, at least he’s got one.


Tiger doesn’t want to scream ‘Weasley is Our King’ at Snatchcorn yet, which I’m going to interpret as a fragile truce.

Ravenclaw is next! *waves Ravenclaw flag*

See ya!


PS. I’m going to make Gryffindor wait until last because usually Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff have to wait and they deserve to go before Gryffindor for once. 😀

3 thoughts on “Slytherin Scarf

  1. Claire January 19, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    Looks awesome! I love that you’re doing Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff first; they usually do get pushed aside in favor of the other houses. It’s nice to see them getting more attention…of course I may be biased since I’m a Hufflepuff. 😀 You did such a nice job on both of those scarves!


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