Freedom’s Shield

I’m sure many of you know what this is just from the title.


For those not in the know, however, this is Captain America’s shield, which I have crocheted in miniature and made into a badge.


It’s not going to be used as an actual shield, what with it being made out of wool rather than vibranium.


It is still cool though.


It’s also too big for Sarah’s tote bag.


Hmmm, that’s got me thinking now.


Miniature Cap ‘Merica shield badges? I think yes.

See ya!



One thought on “Freedom’s Shield

  1. Joan March 30, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Finally I got onto to your blog because Brian sent me your Easter blog. I am very impressed. I have realised that on my upcoming trip I will be visiting the Shetland Islands so maybe some ponies could be in the offing as well as the Icelandic horses. Let’s hope so. I will keep track of your work now that I have access.

    Joan .


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