Socks or Slippers?

You know the pouf-like thing that was in my last post? Well, I made Sarah some socks/slippers out of it.


They may not look like much off her feet, but they look much better on.



Perfect for sitting down with a good book.


Do you think they’re socks or slippers? I’m leaning towards slippers, as they wouldn’t fit under her boots.


This opens up a whole new world of experimentation and adventure of crochet in this scale. Could even write a speech: 1:9 scale: the final frontier. These are the adventures/voyages of FillieFanatic. Her mission: to explore 1:9 scale crochet, to seek out new patterns and new techniques, to boldly go where no crocheter has gone before. 

(At least as far as I know.)

See ya!


2 thoughts on “Socks or Slippers?

  1. Claire April 7, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    Great job on the socks/slippers! I was thinking they look like boot socks, the kind you wear in your boots, but maybe they’re too thick. Slipper boots, perhaps? I guess you’ve discovered a whole new world of slippers, in addition to the final frontier of 1:9 scale crochet! (Great speech btw!) 🙂


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