Back on the Rails

Recently, my family and I visited a tram museum, so naturally, I brought Jasper along, because he kinda fits the place.


These trams were all actually used back in the 18-1900s. Below, Jasper’s near the copyright text for scale.


There were also a few old signs around the place….


…such as this one.


Subtle?! Anyways, Jasper also found a friend. He was a bit dusty, and his ear did come off twice, but he was still beautiful.


Afterwards, we went to a nearby lake for afternoon tea, so I went scouting out photographic locations around the shore.


I really like this picture – makes the place look very idyllic. Also doesn’t really show the number of bugs that I had to swat away while walking around.

See ya!



One thought on “Back on the Rails

  1. Spud May 14, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    Good old Jasper! brilliant photos as usual!!


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