Great-Aunt’s Travels

My great-aunt recently went around Iceland and the Shetland Islands, which is a very horsey area of the world so naturally, there was a lot of horsey stuff in the gift shops. She was kind enough to bring some of these things home for me, so a massive thank you to her!

The card alone was stunning, hand-embossed in bronze.


Then there was these two stuffed guys – the larger one looks much more chestnut in real life.


Some books and a DVD:


These two, who look like they’re channeling their inner punk:


A variety of keyrings and magnets:


As well as socks and a T-shirt.


The socks are so thick and warm that I had to try them on.


I also received these two china Shetlands who are adorable!



Forest for scale – they’re so tiny! The boxes they came in had a cool flower design on the lid as well.

Massive thanks to my great-aunt, for hunting down so many cool horsey things, I love them all! I’m thinking about photo-showing the china ponies, maybe…

Anyways, see ya!


One thought on “Great-Aunt’s Travels

  1. Joan September 10, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    Hi Fillie,

    The horses from Iceland took quite some hunting down. They are as scarce as hen’s teeth. That is why I got the soft toy. I was getting desperate. If you had been collecting puffins I could have brought home a plane load. The 2 figurines I was lucky to get on the very last excursion I did after visiting Akureyri for the second time. They are not quite what I had in mind but they are horses from Iceland. I hope the T shirt fits as it was the only one I saw the whole time. I also love the socks. I hope the DVD is OK. I did not watch it. I am so glad you enjoyed all those items. I saw more than I probably would have by looking for them. I had a mission!!!!!

    Love Joan


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