Knitted Miniatures

Who would’ve thought that I’d be knitting miniatures! Well, it’s only a scarf, but still!


It’s knitted in moss stitch, and I sewed it together to make an infinity scarf with a twist in it.


I suppose it’s quite versatile: I mean, you could wear it with the trench coat,


or without the trench coat,


or as a fancy shawl to go with an evening gown. (Just imagine she has an evening gown on – I have the fabric for one, but haven’t got around to making it yet.)



I feel like she needs a cup of coffee in her hand, to finish off the hipster New Yorker vibe. Hmm. I’ll get onto that.

I love the way these pictures turned out, they look lovely and soft. I’ll definitely need to shoot in overcast weather as much as possible, I love the effect.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “Knitted Miniatures

  1. Claire September 12, 2016 / 6:15 am

    That scarf looks so lovely and soft, you did a wonderful job! And your pictures are beautiful as always…you should make a doll fashion magazine or something. 😀


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