Sharpie Mugs

I thought I could run wild with all the things you can put on a miniature Sharpie mug, so I made 4, and they’re almost addictive.


I really like the little hoofprints on this mug.


I was trying out different colours on this mug, and I like the finishing flair the loopy underline gives it.


Obviously we had to have something fandom.


They’re all coated with clear nail polish to make them look like enamel, but it stank while I was putting the coats on.



Doing some deep thinking over the morning cuppa, I see. That is a new backdrop, it’s just the window and a white corner so I probably won’t do a whole post about it, but it’ll turn up in the future. I intended it to be a basic, stick-it-behind-anything backdrop and the window adds interest to an otherwise very boring white piece of cardboard.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “Sharpie Mugs

  1. Claire September 25, 2016 / 6:43 am

    Aww it’s Baymax!! I just squealed over that one, hehe. I love that last picture, Sarah looks very deep in thought, and the background is super cool and artsy. 🙂


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