Ice Cream

As it is getting closer and closer to summer here, I thought I’d better make something refreshing for the hot weather.

This pattern came from the wonderful book Let’s Go Camping, by the wonderful Kate Bruning of Greedy for Colour, her blog is rather beautiful.

Anyways, here are the cones in progress…


About to sew on a second scoop – the cones are only about 1.5cm (roughly 1/2 inch) long, so it was quite fiddly work!



A finished cone. Looks delicious, in my opinion.



All of the cones – the blue ones are mint, dark pink is raspberry, yellow is lemon, green is apple sorbet (not kale), light pink is bubblegum and the white scoop on the end is vanilla.


I wonder if horses like ice cream – or if they can eat it. Squirt definitely looks keen, but he’ll try anything. (Quick Google search says that it’s possible, but probably not a good idea. Makes sense!)

Maybe I should open a mini ice cream parlour…

Anyways, see ya!



The Other Side

I finalised the design for the other side of the bag last weekend, and finished cutting out most of the pieces this morning.


It’s meant to be a dragon.



Above, it’s just on the drawing, which is why there’s random lines coming out from underneath. It’s on the bag below:


Next to the drawing – I made all the pattern pieces from the drawing, so they’re pretty accurate.


I don’t think Raven (long story) particularly cares about the design – he’s probably just wondering if he can sleep on it. 🙂


This dragon doesn’t have wings because there’s no space for them, and no legs because I didn’t know how to draw them and make it look natural. I guess that makes it a fire-breathing snake, but shhh.

I want to add heaps of elaborate embroidery to this dragon, as well as beads and buttons for added sparkle. I’ll have to embroider scales and spikes down the body somehow.

Anyways, see ya!


Felt Lanterns

I saw this idea in a Mollie Makes magazine, and I thought I could modify it to be a lantern garland, like you see in Chinatown.


I made a green lantern…


… a grey lantern …


… and a pink lantern. I made two-coloured tassels for the green and pink lanterns as I didn’t have the exact colour of thread for a single-coloured tassel.


They all have clips, so they can be placed on the chain as a necklace…



…or as a garland, either like you see above, or similar to the first picture. I will admit, I’m not a big fan of the green lantern, but I do love the grey one and the pink one. As well as the tassels, they swing really well! The swinging is hard to capture on camera, so you’ll have to trust me on this one. 😀

Anyways, see ya!


Hip Footwear Part 2

The black and red pairs are laced, sealed and ready to go.

First, the black pair:


As these shoes’ laces were shorter than the other two pairs, they were not fun to lace up!


I was going for a grunge-y, deserted building vibe with these photos, and I do think I’m getting better at photography.


And then the red ones:


I couldn’t decide on a colour to put around the side of the sole, so I just decided to put both black and red on.


She looks so much like a Doctor in this shot, it could be a promo picture.


All 3 pairs together. I am super happy with how they look, even though the cardboard at the front is a little wonky on some of the shoes. You don’t notice those bits at a glance, however, so I don’t mind.

Anyways, see ya!


Hip Footwear

I noticed in one of the pictures from the miniature hoop embroidery posts that Sarah’s current summer outfit just doesn’t look that great with knee-length riding boots. So I made three pairs of shoes for her, one of which I just finished lacing.


The pattern pieces cut out and stitched below…



Everything stuck together above and finished and on the feet below.




I do think the lace bows are a little large to be in scale, but my fingers do have limits with how small they can lace up. Other than that, they look really realistic, and I am super happy with them. The red pair and the black pair still need to be laced, but they’ll probably be up here in the next day or so.

Anyways, see ya!