Hip Footwear Part 2

The black and red pairs are laced, sealed and ready to go.

First, the black pair:


As these shoes’ laces were shorter than the other two pairs, they were not fun to lace up!


I was going for a grunge-y, deserted building vibe with these photos, and I do think I’m getting better at photography.


And then the red ones:


I couldn’t decide on a colour to put around the side of the sole, so I just decided to put both black and red on.


She looks so much like a Doctor in this shot, it could be a promo picture.


All 3 pairs together. I am super happy with how they look, even though the cardboard at the front is a little wonky on some of the shoes. You don’t notice those bits at a glance, however, so I don’t mind.

Anyways, see ya!


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