Ice Cream

As it is getting closer and closer to summer here, I thought I’d better make something refreshing for the hot weather.

This pattern came from the wonderful book Let’s Go Camping, by the wonderful Kate Bruning of Greedy for Colour, her blog is rather beautiful.

Anyways, here are the cones in progress…


About to sew on a second scoop – the cones are only about 1.5cm (roughly 1/2 inch) long, so it was quite fiddly work!



A finished cone. Looks delicious, in my opinion.



All of the cones – the blue ones are mint, dark pink is raspberry, yellow is lemon, green is apple sorbet (not kale), light pink is bubblegum and the white scoop on the end is vanilla.


I wonder if horses like ice cream – or if they can eat it. Squirt definitely looks keen, but he’ll try anything. (Quick Google search says that it’s possible, but probably not a good idea. Makes sense!)

Maybe I should open a mini ice cream parlour…

Anyways, see ya!


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