Christmas Decorations

I meant for this to be my first post for December, but oh well.

I have Christmas decorations up, so I am in a suitably Christmassy mood, as are my horses.


The stables got a wreath over the doorway, as well as trees either side and tinsel on the stable doors inside.


The arena has a wreath above it too, and there is a tree beside its entrance as well, which you can’t see in this picture.


The shelves got the ribbons from last year…


…a garland decks my doorway…



…and I have a small Christmas tree on this cabinet. I might end up placing some presents underneath it as Christmas gets closer, but we’ll see. There’s an old light-up necklace (that doesn’t work) on the tree, as well as a string of ‘lights’ I made a while ago. Alongside all the baubles, of course.

Anyways, see ya!


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