Christmas Gifts

To begin, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and received some lovely things and spent time with family and friends. I was lucky enough to receive some incredible gifts that I am super thankful for, and one of them included Banks Vanilla:


As you’ve probably seen in the pictures in my Christmas post, Sarah also received a gift, which included this shirt that I painted:


a sewing machine:


and her first model horse, who she has named Blue:


I was also lucky enough to receive two books, too.


Eeeeee! I finished Heartless not long ago and I have to say, it was very interesting. I really enjoyed it, and I didn’t expect the ending at all. I’m not very familiar with Carroll’s world, but I loved this version.

The colouring book is spectacular. All the images are simply beautiful, so beautiful they may not get coloured in. One thing I love to do is look through it, reading Marissa Meyer’s writings on each of the sections and just looking at the pictures and the quotes beside them because they are simply wonderful.

That sounded a little soppy, sorry! But it is highly recommended for all Lunartics, definitely.

Massive thank you to everyone I received gifts from this year, I loved every single one, no matter if it made it in here or not. 😀

Anyways, see ya!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. Claire January 1, 2017 / 6:48 am

    Merry belated Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful relaxing day. 🙂 I’m squealing over Heartless and the Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book… I agree 100% with your thoughts on both. Not soppy at all, I love looking through the illustrations as well – they’re so beautifully done! And Heartless destroyed my emotions… but it was amazing. I will definitely be re-reading it hehe.. I just love Marissa Meyer’s writing! 😀 Sarah’s shirt is super cool, it’s great that she got a present too! ❤


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