Grey Twist

As I was crafting, my hair kept falling in my face, getting very annoying. So I crocheted a simple headband so everything stays out of my way.



It looked a little too plain and I didn’t have the motivation to crochet a flower to put on it, so I twisted it to make it less plain.



I used treble stitch, and did about 47 rows to get all the way around my head.


It’s good to have a little break from the kitchen once in a while. But now this is done, I really should get back to it. Most of the cupboards don’t have doors, you see.

Anyways, see ya!



Keep the Cool

I was able to finish the kitchen fridge this morning!


The handle is aluminium foil with a small piece of paperboard stuck behind it, as it is a little flimsy.


Down the bottom on the inside, there’s a freezer-like space, with one shelf.


Then the main part of the fridge has three shelves, all clear to look like glass.


I know the waffles are too small, but hopefully you get the sense that one day, this’ll be full of food. And make me hungry.



Sarah’s already personalized the front. The pearlescent flower at the top looks like a shell to me. Maybe Sarah put it there as a reminder of the beach.

Anyways, see ya!


Blue & The Great Outdoors

Blue’s been watching all the other horses going outside for pictures when I need an impromptu post and she wanted to go outside as well. So this afternoon, Blue and I spent hunting around the backyard for some good shots.



These two look very autumn-y, don’t they?



I think this is one of my favourites of the shoot, alongside the first two.


She had a lot of fun prancing around in front of the camera for me, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of her. I must do this again sometime, however Blue may not stop talking about it if I do it more than once.

Anyways, see ya!


Kitchen Renovations

After a weekend of planning, I am finally building a little kitchen in Sarah’s apartment. Here it is as of the end of yesterday:



And here are the modules at the end of today:


(the left is for cupboards and the black box will be a stove)


(and on the left here is the fridge, with door and shelves still drying. The right is more cupboards)



In the back of the two units, I’ve engineered heaps of storage space for all the assorted kitchen paraphernalia I will inevitably make in the future. It will be an L-shaped kitchen as in the first picture, and the two benches aren’t stuck together for easy storage. It probably doesn’t look like a lot, but the design and blueprint took about a day, so I’m really happy that it is finally in 3D.

Sarah’s also happy about having a proper kettle soon. 😀

Anyways, see ya!


My Stars, New Books!

Fairest and Stars Above came in the week, and naturally I devoured them both in a few days.


I love the mirror on the front of Fairest, I just think it looks wonderfully old and tarnished and on fire. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it is truly stunning.



Gosh, I loved Stars Above! A lot of the stories had me fangirling, especially the last one. It was so interesting to read about the characters’ previous experiences, and I still find it incredible that they found each other across two planets and formed such a strong bond.


Ooh, don’t they all look splendid?


Upon examination of the covers all laid out together, I found it interesting that they all have red on them. The colouring book’s title, Fairest with the flames, Cinder with the shoe, Scarlet‘s cape, Cress‘ hair ribbon, the red apple of Winter‘s and the cushion for Stars Above. Even the cover of Heartless is mostly red. Huh.

Anyways, see ya!