Autumn Bunting

I was able to crochet some miniature seasonal bunting over the last week or so.


I used the pattern from Kate Bruning’s Let’s Go Camping! crochet book, which is really good, if you’re on the fence on whether to buy it or not.



It looks wonderfully autumn-y, don’t you think?


BB8’s getting into the cooler weather spirit.



Naturally, Iko loves it, and wants a strip for herself. Maybe, Iko, maybe.

In other news, Happy April Fools’ Day and Happy Birthday to Fred & George Weasley! Did you get pranked today? I didn’t have the time to set any up, unfortunately!

Anyways, see ya!



3 thoughts on “Autumn Bunting

  1. MrsCraft April 1, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    Love it! No pranks here, too busy with birthdays. My favourite teacher prank is always to write the date on the board as 32nd March and see who notices.


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