Hats Off to Great Ideas

I made Sarah a cap that I finished this morning, and I think it suits her more than the sunhat I crocheted a while ago.



The pattern came from this book I borrowed from the library, though I did have to make it a little smaller, as Barbies are larger than Sarah.


Of course, BB8 wanted to try it on, and Sarah obliged…


It might be useful for keeping water out of the droid’s electronics, especially as it looks like it’s going to rain.



How adorable does BB8 look? This may be one of Sarah’s best ideas yet.

Anyways, see ya!



Embroidery Progress

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the hoop since it’s last been up here.


I love how the leaves turned out, they look gorgeous!


I taught myself a new stitch to do this sheer purple shawl, though the stitch isn’t very sheer. It’s called ‘raised stem stitch’, and the idea was to make the fabric look sheer or woven, which satin stitch wouldn’t have achieved.



You can see why it’s called ‘raised stem stitch’! Looking back, I may need to put a little shading in, as the fabric is twisted like it’s been thrown in the air.



I also used a little metallic thread for the top hat and ribbons on the circus tent. I remembered the shading for the gold ribbons, thankfully!

Anyways, see ya!


From Dream to Reality

I’m making progress on my embroidery hoop, though it feels like forever between  designing it and actually embroidering it.



The quote is from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, which I have stuck on a loop in my head.



It looks like a lot of blue at the moment, but those three lines are actually the only blue I’ll use in the whole embroidery.


I finished the words this morning, and began on the little motifs around the lyrics. At the base, there’s a little circus tent with two ribbons flying from the top, which I’ll embroider with metallic gold thread.

Anyways, see ya!


Crochet Colours

I borrowed this book out from the library recently, and tried out some of the patterns.


I made two mandalas and two flowers with various shades of yarn.


The little pink mandala reminds me of this felt peony I made a while ago, the colours match really well!


The second mandala has a few extra rounds than the first one, and because of the colours, it looks like the sun to me.



I reckon the centre of these little flowers is a little plain, so when I figure out what to do with them I’ll probably sew a bead in the middle, just to make it more interesting.

I’m thinking I could perhaps make a garland of the little mandalas, or use them as patches for old clothes. I’m welcome to other ideas if you have them!

Anyways, see ya!


Project Roundup

In-between projects, I usually check over my previous makes and perform maintenance or give them updates, as I’m currently doing with this sword I made a long time ago.


The blade is getting definition, I’m freshening up the crossbar on the hilt, and I might wrap the hilt in leather, or change its colour. I’ll also seal it, which will make it more durable in the future.


I’m also designing a few embroidery patterns, mostly with quotes from books or music at the moment.


The one above is from The Greatest Showman‘s soundtrack, which I’ve been listening to pretty much on repeat at the moment, it’s so good!

I’m designing them all to fit in the small hoop in the second picture, however as I only have one hoop and two designs (at the moment!) I want to put in it, I have a hard decision ahead of me!

How has your crafting been going lately? Any tough decisions?

Anyways, see ya!