Project Roundup

I’ve finished the embroidery for the Slytherin badge, woohoo!

Here’s the colours done…


…backstitching in progress…


…and it’s finished!


The badges are currently drying in the sun, and after they’re dry, I’ll cut them all out and sew felt and a safety pin onto the backs of each.


I also finished covering the interior of the stable. I ended up choosing to do half the walls in cream and half in wood, which looks very classy.



The floors of the stables are covered in paper that looks sort of like bedding, and the parquet floor is for a little multipurpose room, to store tack and some seating and feed, if I can.

Anyways, see ya!


Badge Updates

I’ve finished the silver background on the Slytherin badge!


Not in this picture, though, but…



…wait for it…



Huzzah! This really feels like a milestone. Next, I’ll do the green border in cross stitch as well, and after that I begin backstitching. I want to make the silver I just finished look quilted with the backstitch, and hopefully a twisted ribbon pattern will go on the green edging.

Anyways, see ya!


Project Roundup

This could be an embroidery special, as this post is just embroidery updates.



The Creativity patch is done! The spare mint thread I had is a slightly different colour to the colour I finished the border with, but it’s much less visible in real life.


I’ve also started the Slytherin crest. This is before:


After finishing the writing:



And above is the nearly finished snake. The satin stitch on the main snake body is meant to look like scales, and the tail and head will be just plain satin stitch, as they will be a bit difficult to do scales on. I plan on cross-stitching the background behind the snake next, in silver.

Anyways, see ya!



I thought I’d do something different today, and give you guys a little look inside the book I use to record all my creative ideas. Please don’t steal any of these designs, although you may take inspiration from them, crediting me where you can. Thanks!


The very bright cover, which I really like, I believe it came free with a magazine.


This page is where I planned the Occamy crochet pattern, and you can see there may be a few moreĀ Fantastic Beasts crochet creatures to come.


These are some crochet wreaths in the works, most of the things to go on them still need colours worked out.


Above is where the Three Broomsticks was planned out. I also plan on making Madam Malkins’, but it’s still in early stages.


I took inspiration from the Millennium Falcon and the Rampion (from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer) in this idea. I still want to design the interiors, as this is mostly the structure of the project.


And here are some more embroidery ideas. The pencil ones are yet to be confirmed, but the ones in purple will go ahead. Not sure when, though, because as you can see, there is a lot I want to do.

I started this book only recently, and have found it very helpful for remembering ideas I come up with. It’s also much easier to modify a design in a book than while it’s being made, particularly if you’ve done half of it already!

Anyways, see ya!


Red Riding Hood

I didn’t really have a use in mind when I made this cloak, apart from ‘just to see if I can’. I guess sometimes you do need those sort of projects, though.


It clasps in the front with a simple hook and eye, and it’s bordered with a darker red yarn.


The swirling designs on the back are surface crochet, and I’m really happy with how they turned out! They work their way onto the hood too.



The hood has a gap in the back for Sarah’s hair to go through, and it’s also not as bright as the pictures make it look!



I love this snowfall effect, I’ll definitely have to use it more often.

Anyways, see ya!