Wrapping It Up

There’s a new dish being offered at the Three Broomsticks!


I mean, it could be a dish. I’ve eaten it as a dish before.


I made a version of the wraps with meat, tomato, lettuce (or spinach, or kale, though it’s probably a bit light for those. But hey, imagination!), cheese, and sour cream or mayonnaise.


The vegetarian option has everything except the meat.


Like I said earlier, it can be a dish…



…or it can be eaten on the go. I wonder what food I could make next, I’m thinking some sort of bread or croissant from rolled or plaited paper.

Anyways, see ya!



City Gardens

Sarah and I took a trip into one of the city’s gardens for the morning, and had a wander around and took a few pictures.


One of the features of the garden is a lake, filled with fish and water birds, surrounded by a boardwalk.



I think this is my favourite picture, I just love the colours of the flowers around Sarah.


We also spotted several water dragons, which roam freely through the gardens. This one was the only one willing to pose, though!



There is also a pair of waterfalls in the gardens, and they’re very loud! We could feel the spray from the waterfall when taking the picture above.

We had a lot of fun walking around, and it was inspiring to see all the flowers blooming with their rainbows of colour. I must do this more often, as we both really enjoy it (Sarah after the initial few pictures…).

Anyways, see ya!


Body Building

My latest project will be quite a long one, as I am currently drafting a sewing pattern for a Sarah-size doll. Hopefully, this doll will have the same movement as Sarah, just be a little more realistically sized and made of fabric.


The above and below pictures show the wire ‘skeleton’ that will go inside the fabric. The straws will hopefully act like bones, and the little bits of exposed pipe cleaner will act like joints.


The thumb of the hand is a small piece of pipe cleaner wrapped around the hand, with the fluff trimmed.


I drafted the pattern pieces on the left from Sarah, and then used those pieces as a basis for the patterns on the right, which are slightly larger.


Pattern pieces are all cut out! As this is the first time I’m doing this, I’m using muslin, but I’ll probably use plain cotton when I do different skin tones.


Pattern pieces are darted, and ready to begin sewing!



I started with the legs, as they seemed fairly easy, similar to making a pair of pants for Sarah. The game plan is to work up the body, and stuff it as I go, but we’ll see. A lot of this at the moment is trial and error, though if you have any tips or tricks that might help, feel free to leave them in comments!

Anyways, see ya!


The Final Books … For Now

The final books for batch 2 are done. It’s the Starbound Trilogy, which Sarah liked more than I did.


The covers are gorgeous (particularly Their Fractured Light), and they’re written by an Australian author, so why not support beautiful covers and Australians?



This bookshelf of Sarah’s is getting quite cramped, as tends to happen. Good to see the bookshelf-filling-speed remains consistent in miniature!



“Sorry BB-8, these ones are set in space, but they don’t really have any droids in them.” *annoyed beeping* “Oh, you’re fine, you drama queen.”

I already have a small list of books for batch 3… perhaps we need to make more space on the current shelf first. Or we could just fill this shelf to its absolute maximum before clearing another. Good idea!

Anyways, see ya!


Galactic Reads & Excited Droids

As Sarah loves sci-fi, especially Star Wars, I thought she’d enjoy some Star Wars novels/novelizations.


These two are Sarah-size hardcovers, so the pages are smaller than the paperbacks to illustrate there is a difference between them (because technically, all of Sarah’s books are hardcover, but shh.).



This looks a little like the beginnings of a Star Wars shrine…



“Look BB-8, you’re on the cover!”


*excited beeping* “You’re in it, too! Quite a bit, actually, as you’re a member of the Resistance.” *long squeal, followed by rolling in excited circles* “Okay, okay, watch the coffee table!”

Anyways, see ya!