Project Roundup

These felt flowers came in a Mollie Makes freebie, and they’re meant to go on a wreath. However, I want to make a mandala to go into the plastic ring provided instead, so suggestions for what I could do with them are much appreciated!


The red one is a poppy, the pink one is a peony and the orange one is an anemone.

I’ve also been crocheting a floral wreath, and only have one more flower to make before I put it together. Which flower is your favourite? I love the little multi-coloured roses, I’ll have to make more at some point.


I’m almost finished this perthro rune badge from the Magnus Chase series of books, it just needs to be stitched onto felt with a pin on the back.


This is a lamppost for the Diagon Alley set, and I plan on making a second post before working out what the light on top will look like.



I’m also working on this counter for Flourish & Blotts Bookstore in Diagon Alley. It’s a little low at the moment, as you can see, so I’ll need to make it taller by putting a third shelf under the countertop.

Anyways, see ya!



Watch the Spikes

These little succulents may just be the smallest things I’ve ever crocheted.


The two on the outside are your classic, spiky, flowering cacti, and the centre one is a succulent.


Isn’t the little flower bud just adorable? All the pots were made and painted for these plants.


The succulent was meant to look like the one I currently have, and I think I got pretty close!


The plant on the left below is meant to be a vine-ish sort, and the other one is a grassy sort. I made these two pots a while ago, and painted the pink dots on the pot on a whim.



I love them, and I would have made more if it wasn’t overkill to have tiny little cacti the size of my pinky nail all over not just my own shelves, but blanketing Sarah’s shelves too. Although the grassy, viney ones could look nice in a massive group on a patio, perhaps…

Anyways, see ya!


Spring Bunting

This is almost like a series, isn’t it?


“On this episode of Seasonal Bunting, it’s spring!” *catchy theme tune*


It nearly matches Sarah’s new pants, doesn’t it?



Putting up the new bunting marks the change of the seasons for Sarah, and she’s hopefully heading to Diagon Alley again next weekend for some flowers and plants to put around the house.


BB-8 really likes the camera, he came rolling and beeping from the other end of the house to be in this shot. Drama queen!

Anyways, see ya!


Granny Square Day

Today is Granny Square Day, and the idea behind it is that you create and/or post a picture of a granny square online, so that there is a virtual granny square blanket across the internet. This wonderful lady created the day, and I thought it’d be fun to bring out the rainbow granny square blanket I made for Sarah.


I’m also trialling some little backdrops that I cut from old calendars, this is one of the winter scenes.



Sarah assures me she is “very cosy!” at the moment.

Anyways, see ya!