Finishing Experiments

I finished another of the little circular badges today, and this one is inspired by the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.


The antlers are in green because green is one of the official colours for Terrasen, which is the country where the main character is from in the book.



I used a different technique for finishing the badge to the Magnus Chase one. I glued the fabric over a circle of paperboard and glued the felt (with the safety pin sewn on) onto the back.


I reckon this method will result in less fraying, but I’m not sure about the strength of the glue alone.



Although I’m not sure that really matters, because I think I love these badges a little too much to pin them somewhere they could get damaged, so for now they stay near their books.

Anyways, see ya!



Let There Be Light

I finished painting a pair of lampposts recently, despite a bucketload of rain pouring down outside, which is definitely a miracle.


The original tutorial for these used a white table tennis ball on top for the light, but I don’t own any table tennis equipment, so I had to improvise. These lights are balled-up tissue painted yellow, and the posts are rolled paper.


Sarah for scale:




They really light up Diagon Alley, don’t they? I imagine they stay on all night to make the street safe, and they’re turned on and off every morning with a little lumos charm by a lamplighter.

Anyways, see ya!


The Empty Cup

Do you remember the page in my ideas book that had all those badge/button designs? I recently finished making the first one!


I’m experimenting with how I’m going to secure the muslin fronts to the felt backing, and this is one option. Pros include that I know the muslin won’t come off because it’s not strong enough, although it is prone to fraying.


The design comes from the Magnus Chase books by Rick Riordan, and is based on a Norse rune used in the book. (Side note: how awesome is the cover of this book?)


As you can see here, the rune is called perthro, and I cross-stitched it in red because the character who uses runes in the book wears a red-and-white striped scarf, so I thought I’d reference it because the muslin background is white.



Does a pair of bookish embroidered pins count as a collection? I think it should, especially if you have an intention to make more, which I definitely do! I’m thinking my next one might be Throne of Glass inspired…

Anyways, see ya!


Contrasting Shorts

While I was making the flowery shirt not long ago, I had the idea to use the same fabric to make a pair of summer shorts, as Sarah only had one denim pair for all of summer.


They’re a little longer than the denim pair, to give her options.



We have a bougainvillea vine in our backyard, and a lot of the petals have recently fallen off, so there was a small pink carpet for these pictures.


I thought the flowers on the ground would link with the flowery print of the fabric, as well as contrast with the blue and match the shirt colours.



Not bad, huh? I’ll probably use these pictures for spring headers and lock screens, as they’re rather nice. My favourite picture is the first one, because I asked Sarah to pose with nothing in her hands, and it didn’t look quite right. She then picked up the flower and thus, the picture was born.

Anyways, see ya!


The Smell of Old Books

These were once origami books I made forever ago, and I decided to give them a new life and cover them so they looked old, like the sort of book that’s found in the depths of an ancient library and holds important, plot-progressing information.


Most of them are just Hogwarts textbooks, though, as they’ll go on a shelf in Flourish & Blotts Bookstore in my miniature Diagon Alley.


The three above have covers as well as spines, but the ones below don’t have covers. I tried to make all the spines different, so there was variety between them.


Most of the titles come from the booklist from Philosopher’s Stone, however The Walking Dead comes from the Throne of Glass series.


Let’s pretend that the wand boxes are books, shall we?



There’s a few new filters on PicMonkey (the photo-editing software I use to edit my pictures), and I had a little fun with them. The wand shop looks like an old library, doesn’t it?

Anyways, see ya!